Tuesday, 30 June 2015

its safe to moving furniture on your worn

Its safe to moving furniture on your worn ?

No its not safe and to know more about safety and hefty take time its way i just come up with a step by step on how to do it in a proper way, if you are alone and don't have any help with it will be good to go over all the tips provide by me on my official page at www.themanvan.co.uk you'll find out how to do it by yourself its just some tips, it will be much safe if you hire some one to do it for you, some one with experience on removals as a man and a van

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What is the cost for hire a man and a van in London ?

What is the cost for hire a man and a van in London  ?

Many people have ask this question and today i want to make it clean, i really want to people understand that why a man with a van is cheaper the any removal companies.

Man with a van, normally is a self-employer or solo trader they definitely is cheaper.
you can ask you-self "can i trust some one with a van" its a Plus, yes you must check before hire any one with a van as they holding all you things in they van that's mean they can just driving away and you can say bye bye.
Please make sure to check, they must have a fixed contact number in London can be 020 or 0800, almost man with van in London advertise they business on they mobile number.

Okay if they just have a mobile number its mean they are mobile, so how can you find some one that offer service with just a mobile number ? they can be any where right! 

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Tips and Help for Single Mum

Tips and Help for Single Mum Moving house without any stress 

We know moving its really stressful, so its more when you are single with kids.
I have good news that can help you "SINGLE" yes we can help you when moving house check for more info how we can help at our official page


its really important to get help from a company that can offer the all service as its the most important thing, not only for load and unload as a single person you must know have some one around that can get things done for you is the key for a happy end.
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Monday, 15 June 2015

WHY a local man and van is safe

Hi today i will pass for some clients some tips on how to find a local and safe man and van in London

The most preferred and most trusted man with a van service provides ?
yes its a really good question.  

Think of a reliable and friendly staff, a fast speed of goods delivery then an insurance in case of accidents for your goods. Really they deserve to be the best among the man with van  service providers. Nevertheless, you must acknowledge that their services are relatively safe for you and your goods. 

The price is to good to be safe ? some man and van offer prices starting at a staggering £15/hr., they are safe ? suited for moving of businesses or the well-off families. ?

Okay check out more how to be really safe, its just some tips but may can help you in fide a local man and van fro your next move.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Best Ways to Occupy the Kids During the Moving Process

Tips to Occupy the Kids During the Moving Process

Moving can be tough on its own and even harder when you have small children running around. In many families these days, both parents have to be at work during the and home evenings and weekends taking care of the children.
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We are rally happy as we can see many people come to us looking for help on moving home and as all know, we love to help, we offer free advice to get the perfect moving as all know its really stressful its why we love to help.
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by: w carrato
The Man Van

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Cheap office removal for last minute

Check out the tips for move a office on last minute.
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If you need a office removal on last minute its alway good to get the cheapest man and van, so many company charge a lot for a service like this if you let to do it on last minute you must be ready for provide a good amount of cash.

Now come the question !
If you could get a cheap service as man and van that they can do the whole service for you, so why not get the same service even on last minute it will be cheap.
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