Wednesday, 24 June 2015

What is the cost for hire a man and a van in London ?

What is the cost for hire a man and a van in London  ?

Many people have ask this question and today i want to make it clean, i really want to people understand that why a man with a van is cheaper the any removal companies.

Man with a van, normally is a self-employer or solo trader they definitely is cheaper.
you can ask you-self "can i trust some one with a van" its a Plus, yes you must check before hire any one with a van as they holding all you things in they van that's mean they can just driving away and you can say bye bye.
Please make sure to check, they must have a fixed contact number in London can be 020 or 0800, almost man with van in London advertise they business on they mobile number.

Okay if they just have a mobile number its mean they are mobile, so how can you find some one that offer service with just a mobile number ? they can be any where right! 

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