Friday, 31 July 2015

The Man Van - Reliable moving company based in London

The Man Van Cheap and Versatile Moving Service in the UK 

The Man Van is a cheap, reliable moving company based in London. The company was founded in 2001 as a small family business and, throughout the past fourteen years, it has grown substantially and eventually developed into a large-scale local and long-distance moving company. The Man Van offers versatile moving services for standard homes, mansions, offices, single large items, dorm rooms, and more.

Depending on the number and size of the items a customer needs moved, the company provides varying numbers of men and sizes of vans. For smaller jobs, only one man with one medium van is necessary, but the Man Van offers up to three men in a large van for bigger jobs in order to ensure that they are able to guarantee the completion of all moving services quickly and efficiently regardless of their size. Furthermore, unlike many other moving services which are only willing to travel a short distance from their company base, the Man Van offers long-distance moving services far outside of London throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union.

The Man Van prides itself on remaining one of the cheapest moving services in the United Kingdom; they advertise themselves as the number-one cheapest removal service in Central, North, West, East, South West, and South East London. The company's rates vary depending on the size of the moving job, how many hours it will take, how many men will be needed, and what size van must be used. For example, the Man Van charges approximately £70 for two hours of moving using one man and a medium van and £130 for two hours of moving with three men and a medium van.

For larger moving jobs that will take more time and require a larger van, the company charges approximately £225 for five hours of moving services with one man and a large van and £325 for five hours of work with three men and a large van. The Man Van bills for a minimum of two hours and charges per half-hour for any additional time.

While the company does request minimal surcharges for extra fuel or certain inconveniences such as traveling through a zone with an abundance of traffic, they keep their prices lower than other moving companies by failing to charge extra for most non-standard things such as time restrictions or the use of stairs or elevators. On their website, the Man Van offers potential customers a free price quote online so they can determine exactly how much money they will have to pay for their desired moving services before they invest any time or money into hiring the company. All members of the Man Van team are trained and experienced in the completion of quick, safe moving services. The company's employees are trained extensively in the correct procedures to use during transport and when loading and unloading their customer's furniture and other items. Additionally, all of the company's vans are equipped with the necessary tools and materials, including trolleys and furniture blankets, to keep their customers' belongings safe during the drive.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Need a Large van for moving an office ?

Do you need a Large van for moving an office, Moving can be a very costly affair. 

Whether you are moving homes or offices the process is the same; tedious packing and labelling and thereafter a tiring process of carrying out the packages and a long drive to your new location. To make the move easier we have introduced man with a large van removal service to serve home and office moving. Wherever you are and wherever you want to move to in London we are only a call away and we are there and always available to help. 

Our strong team are ready to get any office and house for you.

Our services We are glad to have you as our customer and we consider ourselves part of the family since moving is a very intimate affair having already developed an attachment to your current home or office environment and also with the neighbours. 

We will therefore strive to protect your memories by packing and labelling carefully all your framed photos and paintings, furniture and all your belongings from your home. From the office, we will ensure that all your valuable files, computers and furniture are handled with integrity. Our large van service will offer the best moving services ranging from packing, moving and also the final arrangement of the office according to your plan. In addition, we will also provide storage services. 

Why Choose Man with Large Van Removal · First, as soon as you contact us we will visit your current location so that we can give you moving advice and also prepare a quote for the services we will render. Our prices are flexible and will suit your moving needs as they will be based on your requirements. · Secondly, we will offer a very experienced crew and well equipped van that will ensure that all your belongings reach your new office without a scratch or damage. · Also, due to our expansive experience, we will ensure that your office is ready soon after the move to ensure that your business continues smoothly without hitches caused by moving. · We are flexible and can make the move at any time of day and are also available on weekends. ·

Our charges are very pocket friendly and the service we offer will provide value for your money. · IT experts in our crew will ensure that your systems are running immediately after the move. · We are also fully insured How we do it Together with you, we prepare a quote after one of our reps has come to survey and quantify your moving needs. This is necessary for us to prepare well and also offer our popular quality moving service. On the moving day, our crew will arrive at your office with all packing equipment ready. We will pack and label everything in our packing boxes, load them onto our van and transport them to the new location. 

We will then set up the office in a pre arranged way that you will have advised so that the next time you get into your office, you will continue with your work like you never moved. Therefore, contact man with a large van for efficient, friendly, flexible and affordable removal.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Cash Back on Student Moving Service in London

Graduation from University, Where to move to now ?

In the following days a student after graduating from university, a new graduate has to think about where they go from here. There are so many places to live in the United Kingdom, so many historical places, but only one London. Assuming out character, Johnny, has just decided to move to London. What student moving services are available to make that happen?

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Monday, 13 July 2015

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Moving a office to old street ec1y in London using a man with a van

Hi, here is a smart way to moving a office in to other location if you are in London area. so better start call some companies to get a quote its the difficult part as you may get lost on it, as many people know hire a man and a van is a smart way to do as in old street is not that easy to get a large truck in and the parking permit for it will be really expense its worth hire a large Luton van. i write a article about it on how to move a office in to old street ec1y on a easy way as possible, i did man and van service in London area for about 8 years and for sure you'll get all the advice for you next move visit my home page at :

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