Friday, 31 July 2015

The Man Van - Reliable moving company based in London

The Man Van Cheap and Versatile Moving Service in the UK 

The Man Van is a cheap, reliable moving company based in London. The company was founded in 2001 as a small family business and, throughout the past fourteen years, it has grown substantially and eventually developed into a large-scale local and long-distance moving company. The Man Van offers versatile moving services for standard homes, mansions, offices, single large items, dorm rooms, and more.

Depending on the number and size of the items a customer needs moved, the company provides varying numbers of men and sizes of vans. For smaller jobs, only one man with one medium van is necessary, but the Man Van offers up to three men in a large van for bigger jobs in order to ensure that they are able to guarantee the completion of all moving services quickly and efficiently regardless of their size. Furthermore, unlike many other moving services which are only willing to travel a short distance from their company base, the Man Van offers long-distance moving services far outside of London throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union.

The Man Van prides itself on remaining one of the cheapest moving services in the United Kingdom; they advertise themselves as the number-one cheapest removal service in Central, North, West, East, South West, and South East London. The company's rates vary depending on the size of the moving job, how many hours it will take, how many men will be needed, and what size van must be used. For example, the Man Van charges approximately £70 for two hours of moving using one man and a medium van and £130 for two hours of moving with three men and a medium van.

For larger moving jobs that will take more time and require a larger van, the company charges approximately £225 for five hours of moving services with one man and a large van and £325 for five hours of work with three men and a large van. The Man Van bills for a minimum of two hours and charges per half-hour for any additional time.

While the company does request minimal surcharges for extra fuel or certain inconveniences such as traveling through a zone with an abundance of traffic, they keep their prices lower than other moving companies by failing to charge extra for most non-standard things such as time restrictions or the use of stairs or elevators. On their website, the Man Van offers potential customers a free price quote online so they can determine exactly how much money they will have to pay for their desired moving services before they invest any time or money into hiring the company. All members of the Man Van team are trained and experienced in the completion of quick, safe moving services. The company's employees are trained extensively in the correct procedures to use during transport and when loading and unloading their customer's furniture and other items. Additionally, all of the company's vans are equipped with the necessary tools and materials, including trolleys and furniture blankets, to keep their customers' belongings safe during the drive.