Thursday, 7 April 2016

My experience with moving house and what i will do !

Moving House again, its a nightmare for me.

So it is time again. I got another job. This time it is too far away to drive everyday. 

I mean it is 3 States down south. So we have to move again. But my last experiences with man with a van in London gave me so many nightmares, that this time I will do it myself. 

All by myself! So let’s start with the beginning (again): What do I have to do? o Terminate the rent of my present house or put my house up for sale o Get me all dimensions and particulars of my new home (floor plan) o Arrange adequate transportation for the moving itself. You have the right drivers license so you can drive the moving truck yourself o Put all home insurances on the other location o The same for subscription on newspapers and - magazines o Terminate all utilities as per date of moving.

Arrange the utilities for the new house o Arrange for packing boxes. Be sure about quality and quantity o Start packing o Inform all the people that should know, about the date of moving and your new address - Friends and families - Doctors, dentists, etcetera - School of your children o When the date of moving is close, you should be sure that you have enough money in your pocket, food for the trip and got all the important papers with you.

You should ensure that everything is put in place. 

Get enough outside help (like friends and family) to help you pack and -load the moving van o Clean your house o Arrange for the new house to be cleaned. I am sure that in your new job, there will be some people to advise and who can arrange some help for cleaning your new place.

Normally there is somebody in the HR department, who can advise you o On the day of moving, you are mostly tired. But a few things you might as well write down: - Arrange to leave the keys (of your old house) with the proper person - Make a headcount of your family - Be sure to load all the pets Before you move houses, you should know as much as possible about your new home and neighbourhood.

First the house: When you are a practical (experienced )mover, you know that you can get almost all information from a good and detailed floor plan, like: - Dimensions of the rooms - Location of the utility connections This will enable you to answer practically all questions, like: Where to put all the different pieces of furniture - Who gets which bedroom (and why?) The next important thing is to make a reconnaissance trip around your new neighbourhood. You should do this with the whole family.
To find out, where are the: Schools - Shopping area - Medical facilities - Sport facilities - Diners- or food take-away`s The best way, (always) is, to make a trip around the direct neighborhood and beyond. To see, feel and smell the new surroundings. To enable you all, to start feeling at home.

If you dont want to do it youself and if dont want it to be a nightmare i recomend